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and vice versa (2008)

Eleven songs based on fictional characters.

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The Ether Family Presents...


The Ether Family Presents... creates infectious pop-rock of a style all their own. Their output is prolific and ambitious, weaving complex themes and story lines throughout their releases. Their conceptual direction was made evident with the release of their critically acclaimed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, which followed the relationship of two doomed lovers. Now, they are in the midst of their epic four-album concept entitled How To Get Lost In A Time Consuming Ego Trip. The album series follows an arc of multiple intertwined themes, including alchemical elements, seasons, moods, and the various cycles of the human experience.

Jimmy Ether - guitar, vocals, keyboards, samples, drum loops Gayle Ether - bass, vocals, percussion Earl Ether - guitar, vocals Freddy Ether - drums, percussion, vocals



Completed Albums

and vice versa(2008)

Eleven songs based on fictional characters.

Catarina Valentino
Heaven To Betsy
Terribly Lucky Danforth Buckley
Bruno's Amnesty International Offical Guitar Strap
Dear Rachel
What Would Daniel Do?
Zed The Leper
Beautiful Day (Oliver's Suite Part 1)
Over-Complicated Lives (Oliver's Suite Part 2)
Please Come Back To Me (Oliver's Suite Part 3)